IMPRA is the company's flagship brand which caters to the upper-middle mass market. IMPRA is targeted as a daily consumption brand towards consumers who want quality tea at an affordable price. Over 80% of the IMPRA product portfolio comprises Pure Sri Lankan Tea.

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ROYAL ELIXIR is the company's premium brand, catering to the high-end market. The products in the brand's portfolio are exclusive to specialty tea and retail shops and in exclusive supermarket ranges. We operate our own specialty tea shop and cafe, Brew it Your Way, which offers a unique and exclusive Royal Elixir product range that can be customised.

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The HEAVENLY brand is targeted at catering to the economy segment of the market.

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This is another brand of Imperial Teas catering to the economy segment which is predominantly sold in the Moldovian market, comprising of a range of good quality multi-origin teas.

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